Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas 2016

It is hard to believe that another years has passed.  This year as we put up our family Christmas tree it brought back memories from long ago.  I decided our tree is a memory tree.  Some of the memories found on our tree that are special to me are reminisced about in this blog post.
 The star at the top of the tree is a memory star.  Our first year in Wisconsin we had one little boy who was about 18 months old.  We had no money so decided to not have a Christmas tree.  Our friend, LaRee Maughn, worked in the office at the Oconomowoc High School.  When school was out for the year she brought the office Christmas tree, lights and all to our home for Christmas.  The top decoration had been taken home.  It look funny without a traditional star on top.  Terry helped me cut out a  six point star from a cardboard box.  We covered it with tin foil and found a picture of the manger from a Christmas card we had received.  This funny Jewish style six pointed star has graced our tree ever since that Christmas in 1971.
 One of the years in Wisconsin the Waukesha Ward Relief Society Homemaking activity was making candy cane bead ornaments for the Christmas tree.  They were simple to make.  Three or four year old children were successful.  We have enjoyed these candy canes ornaments every year since.  Notice the red and green bead candy cane on our tree this year.
While in Wisconsin I had the opportunity to make toy soldier ornaments in homemaking.  These were made out of match sticks and cloths pegs.  They have decorated our tree all these years though some have lost arms in the battles of the Christmas tree with little hands in control.
As our children started school we had Christmas ornaments come home for our tree.  This gold ball is one that Lynn made in Kindergarten.
Gwen has one of her Christmas ornaments still on our tree.
Cheryl brought home this Rudolf the red nose reindeer from Brownies many years ago.   
Weston made this green Christmas tree ornament in second grade.  
Louis made this red Christmas bell ornament in first grade.
Wooden train ornaments made by all 5 of our cub scout sons hang on our tree.  Do you think this one was made by Jonathan?  Some have names on them and some of them don't. 
Daniel brought this ornament home from the primary nursery at church.  Love the picture of him there.
Our children married and started to move away and start their own homes.  They sent home special memories from their new locations.
Our grandchildren have added to our tree.  This snowflake was painted by Kimberly when she was very young. 
The Rudolf was made by Lydia.  Notice she traced her hand to made Rudolf.
Today our mailbox was fulled with one more special ornament and memory from our life.  An ornament made from the wood of our dead apricot tree.  Thank you Joe. 
I have wondered about trading our old Christmas tree for one much smaller but as I look at the memories it contains., I think it is a keeper for another year.

Merry Christmas

And best wishes for the 

2017 New Year