Sunday, January 28, 2018

1997 Antioch III Ward Relief Society Friendship quilt found in closet at the Rio Grande chapel

This quilt was made in 1997 by the Antioch III Ward Relief Society.  We are now the Antioch II ward as a few yeaars ago we were combined with Antioch II Ward and had a name change.  Bishop Ronald Hawkins was bishop of both wards Antioch III and Antioch II.  He was bishop wat the time of the change.

Martha Fox, the Relief Society President in the Antioch I Ward, gave this friendship quilt to me at the Stake Relief Society Conference on Thursday evening, January 25, 2018.  She had found it in one of the closets at the Rio Grande Building when she was cleaning it out.  She felt Antioch II Ward should have it.  The quilt was made in 1997 according to the signature of Cecila Mecham who put '97 under her signature on her block.  It has been fun to have other members of the ward help me identify blocks with only initials on them.  I have posted the blocks individually with the name of as many of the individuals who made them as can be identify.  Lots of memories for me in one small quilt. 
The quilt is 41" X 36" in size and consists of 42 blocks.
 Linda Sandifer
 Diane Hawkins
 Helen Urruita
 Luetta Koberstein
 Eva Crowshaw
 Misty Mecham
 No name-possible Mary Ivie
 Gayle Smith
 Jeanne Hampton
 Kim Garner (Hamblin)
 Bernice Kentner
 Margaret Wright
 Melissa Hammer
 Cecilia Mechan
 Thalame Wilkes
 Alyce Terry
 Sheri Schunman
 Carol Griffin
 Gail Mauss
 Vicky Bean
 Millie Peterson
 Janeen Rockwell-Owens
Ermile Dansie 
 Liz Kane
 Sue Mills
 Mary Haggard
 Betty Hawkins
 Julie Cullimore (possibly)
 Sandi Roberts
 Nancy Murphy (possibly)
 Deanne Langford
 No name
 Lynn Sorvari
 Trisha Morris
 Tracy Christiansen
 No name
 No name
 Mildred Gibbs
 Irene Bonds
 Marilyn Nielsen
Francoise Boden

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Temple trip September 6-25, 2017

I love to see the temple
They are places of learning (Logan, Utah)
 About my Heavenly Father (Brigham City, Utah)  
They are like a university (Ogden, Utah)
 Filled with knowledge from on high. (Bountiful, Utah)
For my family here on earth and those who went before. 
(Salt Lake City, Utah)
They give me the opportunity (Jordan River, Utah)
To serve my family (Quirrh Mountain, Utah)
In ways that they cannot do. (Draper, Utah)
I love to see the temple (Timpanogas, Utah)
I love my family (Provo, Utah)
I love those who came before (Provo City Center, Utah)
I love those who follow me. (Payson, Utah)
 Thank you for the temple and- (Manti, Utah)
 The opportunities they provide (Cedar City, Utah)
For those who fill their walls (Saint George, Utah)
With faith from on high (Las Vegas, Nevada)