Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here are some pictures of my 2012 K-2 intensive class spring science project. Eleven of our twelve eggs flown from Arizona from my granddaughter hatched. We have usually had from 3 to 8 eggs hatch. You can see the six bantys (they are smaller) and five full size chicks.
I brought three chicks home. Two Sebright bantys and one that I hoped was a hen and Americana so that it might lay colored eggs. It sill appears to possibly be a hen but is probably a cross from the Buff Orrington/Americana. Time will tell.
They are my friends. They love to get out of their cage when I am in the yard working. The Sebight chicks is a good flyers so I have to clip some of the flight feathers on one wing to keep it in the yard.
One of the Sebright chicks drove back to Arizona with my granddaughter. I have enjoyed the other two pets. They will soon be laying eggs not crowing, I hope.

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