Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 17-18 May 28-June 10

We taught two Eikaiwa class at the International Center this week.  When the class was over and it was time to leave we found were privileged to be part of a welcome for dignitaries from South Korea who had brought an art display for the center to show.  We saw them dressed in costumes and then enjoyed the beautiful art.  It was only up a few days because when we came back the next week it was gone.
There was a large variety of art for us to enjoy during our breaks and all very beautiful!  It was a real treat.
June 4, we enjoyed a district preparation day and took this picture.   The most interesting picture is everyone setting up their cameras for the picture.  We had a good time.  The young missionaries are so good to include us and make us feel useful.

We did an apartment check in Oita.  The Elders or both from Japan and had a wonderfully clean apartment especially since they had a poorly functioning vacuum cleaner and a washing machine that was not working as it should.  We enjoyed a wonderful time at the Joyful restaurant as a reward.  Joyful is a lot like Denny’s in the United States.  

On the drive home we went through Beppu where there or monkeys in the wild (not caged but human feed).  The monkeys are all on top of the hill where they had been feed not long ago.  Terry is on the walk to the hill top.
The city also had artistic sewer covers.  I like the monkeys and flowers.  They are heavy cast iron covers that are painted. The finished product adds so much beauty and interest to their side walks. 
 Do you like our monkey friend?
We could have had our picture taken with a monkey for a fee.  Here is the sign that tells us about it.  It was a little hard to read but maybe someday.  Our Japanese teacher is helping us work toward literacy.  We are reading hiragana and katakana now, but may not know the meaning of all the words we read.

We had a fun surprise dinner/birthday party for one of the sister missionaries on Sunday.  The Kumamoto Elders helped us celebrate.   Everyone did a good job of keeping it a surprise.  I made Chile for the group.  The cake is an oatmeal chocolate chip cake baked in a toaster oven. 
At the Japanese class at the International Center we learned the Kanji for the days of the week.  We see Saturday and Sunday a lot in the ward bulletin.  The Kanji is on top and the hiragana on the bottom.  Monday is the first day left to right.
The sister missionary received some very interesting chocolate.  It is tabasco flavored chocolate made in the United States.  She likes hot food.  The chocolate has a hot kick after you think it is all gone.   
Monday Terry and I biked to the sports complex.  It is beautiful.  It has a beautiful rubberized track.
Another picture of this beautiful complex.
We enjoyed biking around and looking at all the beauty there.

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Delirious said...

I miss seeing Asian art here in China. I went to the art museum, but it was only modern art, and poor modern art at that. I did find a street that sells Asian art. But during the cultural revolution, most of the old stuff was destroyed. Taiwan has the best collection that is still in existance.
If you go to get your pictures taken with the monkeys, be sure not to wear red! I made that mistake. lol