Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 21 - June 25-July 1

Week 21 – June 25-July 1

We have been watching the landscaping of our Stake Center the past few weeks.  It is finally completed.  The Sister missionaries commented on what people on the street are saying about the church.  They felt it was a mess before and that it now looks great.  Not having a gate and bushes up to your chest does make the building look friendly. 
Thursday we drove to Saga for an apartment inspection and then on to Sasebo Friday.  The country side is beautiful and green.  I always enjoy to drive.
We stopped at the 100 yen store outside of Saga and I bought two friends for my patio. 
I have ripe cherry tomatoes now.  Something in my garden is producing.  The watermelon and the Japanese zucchini have been learning experiences.  I have hopes for the zucchini planted from seeds sent from California.  They look good right now. 
Terry and I drove to Sasebo on Friday.  In the evening while in Sasebo we were able to go to a lookout point where we could see some of the many small islands off shore.  South Korea is about 100 miles away.  
The two boats give tours around the islands and looked very inviting.
This little shop had kayaks and scuba gear.  It reminded us of our California home.
This little watermelon was on sale.  I bought it and it tasted delicious.  It is very small (notice the fork and small plate).  I was surprised at the size of the rind.  We do not see seedless watermelons at all here.
We went bicycling again today.  Japan always surprises me with beautiful flowers and today was not exception.  These flowers were growing wild along the creek.
They were in blossom in purple and in yellow.

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