Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 52 - January 27- February 2, 2014

Japan is an amazing country.  They have many small places to work and make small front end excavator to do the work in small places.  On the way to honbu on Friday morning I saw them loading this small  front end excavator on a truck bed.  I had been watching this little guy work on a lot all week thinking I should take a pictures.  It makes so much sense.  The average person can afford to use a small  front end excavator and it fits in a small lot.  Bigger is not always better for a job.
   This hotel MILKYWAY has become a land mark for us going to honbu and church.  Not only has it the right name for Elder Koberstein but it is on one of the corners where we turn.
This is a bug we found on the kitchen floor.  Hope we don't see more of them.  It is on the sheet music to the Japanese children's song "Red Dragonfly" (in English).  The music is beautiful.  The first verse talks about the dragon fly being red like the sunset.  It is a persons memories of childhood.  Verse two  talks about  picking mulberries and putting them in a basket.  Verse three talks about an older sister getting married being part of another family.  Verse four the red dragon fly in on the top of pole in the field.  Any ideas on what type of bug was in my kitchen.
Saturday was prep day.  It was a beautiful day in Fukuoka.  Elder Koberstein and I biked to our morning Japanese class.  In front of the building were these beautiful winter blossoms.
After our Japanese class we decided to bike to the Hakata Ferry terminal.  Elder Koberstein had been told it was by the Fukuoka Dome so we headed that way only to fine out it is not very close to the dome.  We  passed this wedding chapel.
There was a wedding in process Saturday when we happened on it.  It amazes me that places for wedding often look a lot like Christian churches.
Our ride took us on to Hakata Fishing Port and Kamone Plaza (since 1999).
We love this propeller almost as much as children.  It is amazing it's size.  It was in the Kamone Plaze (since 1999) next to the fishing boats.
Kamone Plaze has several light structures that remind me of light Christmas trees in the USA.  I wonder if they mark the park at night year around.
We biked past a larger boat flying the Japanese flag.
We do not often see the flag flown.
We passed a little shrine with a horse and Japanese flag flying (two in one day).
We make it to the Hakata Ferry terminal.  There was a seal art in front of the building that was a favorite with the children in the area.  We found a minute without children on it for a picture.
It was late in the day when we arrived.
There were many destinations and ticket counters to choose from.  Reading kanji and oral communication are a challenge so we decided to save the trip to the Korean Straights for another adventure.
I enjoy the large fish tank inside the stations.
On the bike ride home we passed this piece of art work called the swing.  We are not sure how a swing is seen in it but it was interesting to look at.
Our return trip home included the Ohori lake, skirting Tenjin (the center of Fukuoka) then on to zoo hill.  This picture if of Elder Koberstein walking up one of the steep narrow streets on zoo hill.
This is an extremely narrow street to a home.  Believe it or not a car is  parked in front of this home.  It would be an amazing drive.
Cars in Japan have mirrors that can be fold against the car for tight parking etc.  It makes it easier to walk between cars in tight parking garage etc.  This car feature I had never seen/used before coming to Japan.  Do new cars in the states have fold in mirrors?

Elder Koberstein and I had a fun seventeen mile bike ride on a beautiful winter day after a busy week inside for me at honbu.

Scripture of the Week
Moses 7:18
And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.

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