Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 81 - August 18-24, 2014

It is hard to believe another week has flown by so quickly.  Monday we had the privilege of visiting with our family on Skype which is always a high light of our week.  In the afternoon we had the Kumamoto and Nagamine Ward Missionary Shimi come over to do their e-mails.  When the Nagamine Shimi came they noticed this unusual moth on our front door.  It kind of looks like a small twig.  We had to look more than once to make sure it was actually a moth trying to visit us eight stories up.  Does anyone know what type of moth it is?  
Tuesday was a quiet day.  We did some catch up around the apartment, planning for the week and than prepared for our big day on Wednesday.
Wednesday was our day Japanese Class at the International Center.  We have been reading the book On That Summer Day by Shomei Yoh.  This book is about the bombing of Nagasaki during World War II.  I like the closing words of this book.
I am Nagasaki.
I open my arms and accept with a smile and a prayer.
My wish is a wish for a peaceful world without nuclear weapons.
I have taken the pain and grief of the atomic bombing and turned it into love.
Oh people of the world, will you join me in this love? 
Having spent the last 18 months in Japan I have experience the love of this people.  The words printed in this book are real.  I too wish for a peaceful world without nuclear weapons.  A place where we have Christ like love for all people and find no need for war.

Thursday found us doing an apartment check for the Shimizu/Tsuboi Elders.  They wanted food from Costco for their celestial rated apartment.  We brought them blueberries, peanut butter, jalapeno peppers, chocolate muffins and mango juice Saturday after working in the Fukuoka temple.  They seemed very happy when we delivered the groceries to them. 
Friday we had an apartment check for the Omuta/Tamana Elders.  For their celestial rating, they wanted lunch at all you can eat Stamina Yakiniku.  It is always fun to eat good food with good company and we love clean apartments.
Saturday was temple day again.  We had the privilege of visiting with three other mission couples that where at the temple.  It was a very busy day that ended up with dinner at Costco with the Smiths who are serving at the office couple for the Japan Fukuoka Mission.  A wonderful day of service.
Sunday in the Gospel Principles class our lessons title was "Developing Our Talents".  We were asked to write down three of our talents on a piece of paper.  They were read to the class and then class members guessed who in the class had those talents.  Tom Holdman was used as and example of developing his talent.  He makes beautiful stain glass windows.  The picture above was taken from his website.  This stained glass mural by Tom Holdman can be found in the Palmyra, New York LDS Temple.  It is of the "First Vision" that took place in the sacred grove near Palmyra.  The story of the First Vision can be found in the Book Of Mormon
Scripture of the Week
Psalms 82:6
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

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