Friday, August 21, 2009

Beware The Push Is On

Did you know-

1. The new game of “Life” includes same-sex marriage and child rearing

2. The online “Sims” game now incorporates interactive gay weddings.

3. Levi Strauss & Company headquartered in San Francisco developed a marketing sponsorship with “Milk,” the film focusing on the San Francisco gay activist Harvey Milk.

4. Levi’s has helped push the gay agenda by dressing their retail store mannequins in white jeans and shirts with white knots to symbolize solidarity with the same-sex marriage movement.

5. Hallmark recently announced it would introduce a line of gay-marriage cards.

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Just Me said...

I recently read this story...
Many reasons why we follow a prophet....
Jane Parker, who is the late Elder Wirthlin's daughter, told us the following story today in Relief Society. She went to a talk by a lawyer for the European Area (each area of the Church has a legal department). The talk was about the ability to have a temple built in Rome, Italy which was announced as a done deal in conference recently. He stated that they knew they needed to have contact with the cardinals of the Catholic Church to see if they would approve or go along with our desire to have a temple built there. He heard of a reception at which the cardinals would be present, and the legal department for the church was also invited. He approached one cardinal and talked to him about the issue. The cardinal said, "We will support you in any effort you want because of your support of Proposition 8 in California."

Jane's comment was that she doesn't think the Church people in California who worked so long and so hard on getting that proposition passed and many even suffered persecution probably know that they were the instruments in getting a temple built in Rome, Italy.

Barton W. Marcois
President, Eagle Foundation