Saturday, February 13, 2010

Virtues of a Large Family"

I have a niece that wrote on her blog about the "virtues of a large family". I started thinking about it and decided that I too wanted to write a few comments.

I am the mother of seven grown children.

"Virtues of a Large Family"
1. Our children learn to help because it is necessary.
2. Our children learn to work because help is needed.
3. Our children learn to earn money for their wants. They also learned to manage their money so they had money to make extras possible.
4. Our children learn to share.
5. Our children learn to support other family members.
6. Our children, even as adults, have support from siblings
7. As a parent I learn to delegate to accomplish what needed to get done. It was necessary.
8. I learned that all worked really hard on difficult projects for rewards of a swim, slurpy, bike ride, camping trip or something the family enjoyed doing.
9. The children learn to help each other with paper routes etc.
10. There is always company, help, love and someone to fight with, it seemed.
11. When my husband and I got married we said we wanted to have between 6 and 12 children. People, over 40 years ago, thought we were crazy but I feel so blessed to have been able to be the mother of seven wonder adult children, mother-in-law to spouses and grandmother as well. These are blessing that only a mother, grandmother etc. can know.
12. My husband and I enjoyed raising our children and now enjoy their families. Each is a blessing from God to love and enjoy.

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