Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 6 - March 13-19, 2013

This week was our first experience with transfers.  We took Elders to the bus stop and brought them from the bus stop.  Elder Morris worked with Terry after they dropped his companion off at the bus stop until his new companion arrived in Kumamoto.  They put up Eikaiwa (English) posters up on the community boards.  This is a picture of the last board that that we posted.  We had a mother and her daughter come to Eikaiwa on Saturday from our advertising at the International Center.
We finally figured out what the yellow X and arrow pointing the direction you should not go means.  It means not to turn that direction or no right hand turn.  SURPRISE! 
We have had a hard time figuring out addresses here.  This week we walked around our block to see if we could find the street markers for our own address.  We are learning.
I took pictures of two birds we saw this week.  The picture above look like possibly a swallow and picture below looks like a dove.  What do you think? 
 The radishes I planted are growing fast.  The zucchini I planted in the middle of the pot sprouted today.  Life can be exciting to watch even on a balcony eight stories up.  
It has rained this week and cleaned the air.  It is beautiful to not see the smog.  We are enjoying the beautiful view and the smell of laundry hung outside to dry. 

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Danielle said...

Yay radishes! We love that radishes sprout quickly. They are fun to watch, but my kids don't like to eat them so much...