Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 7 - March 19-26, 2013

Wednesday Terry and I went to the Kumamoto International Center for Nihonjin lessons.  It was raining but a beautiful walk in the rain with the Sakura (cherry) trees in blossom.  

In the Thursday we drove to Oita to check the apartment there.  We found that they needed a new light fixture in one of the study areas and light bulbs, curtain hangers etc.  We went shopping in the afternoon and then took things to them and installed them during the dinner time.  We bought pizza and shared it with the missionaries.  It was a fun day.

 We checked in to the Toyoko Inn and then drove down to the bay for a look.

We saw a big Funa (ship) loading four semi with trailers.  It was amazing.
 We picked up the Elders and before returning to Kumamoto drove down to the bay/ocean and showed them the Funa.
  This is a picture of Terry, bay on his right and ocean of his left.

The water was amazingly clear.  
I enjoyed driving though the farm land.  It was beautiful!
We enjoyed ramyun at one of the best in Kumamoto on the way home.
This is a picture of my dish of ramyun.
Getsuyobi (Monday) we toured Kumamoto Castle.  This place is huge.  It was amazing.  It is on a large hill and then is seven stories high.  We hiked to the top of the building and the lookout was amazing.  It was beautiful with all the sakura in blossom.  
We were able to walk through the Han-maru Goten Grand Hall.  It had beautiful floors covered with bamboo mats and wonderful paintings.  A must see at the castle. We have been blessed with a wonderful week full of new adventures.


Delirious said...

What a beautiful building! I also would love to see the farmland there. It's so great that you get to live there and soak up all there is to see. :)

Danielle said...

Wow! Those are some beautiful sights! It encourages me to visit :) Do people swim in that beautifully clear water?

Katie said...

I don't know. We did not see a swimming beach where we were.