Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 13 - April 30-May 6, 2013

April 30, Tuesday - We had district meeting at the Shimizu/Tsuboi chapel.  The picture is of our new district after transfers.  After the meeting we had bendos (lunch in a box) at the Kumamoto Castle and worked on our districts talent for the upcoming Zone Conference May 20th.  I enjoyed watching the turtles sun themselves.   
May 1, Wednesday – We taught our first Eikaiwa lesson at the International Center to two young employees.  They have a third friend who also is going to join us this coming week.  Terry went to the City Hall with two Elders from Shimizu/Tsuboi for the three week drawing for a spot again on the committee boards around Kumamoto.  So far we have had the most success in the free category with our advertisements at the International Center.  We seem to be making lots of friends there. 

May 2, Thursday – Terry and I drove to Sasebo and stayed at the Toyoko Inn.  We parked the car in an elevated parking garage.  We could see this beautiful Christian Church up the street from our hotel.  
May 3, Friday –  See Terry waiting for our car to return to ground level.   It was a different big city experience.  
We checked Elder Brackenbury and Elder Eckman’s apartment.  They live on the second floor but you can get mixed up as there are basements, we found.
They had a wonderfully clean apartment and received a celestial rating.  We took them out to lunch.  They selected Kebab Stand Plus.  It was a great place for lunch and the food was delicious.  Elder Eckman makes a napkin rose and gives it to the manager every time they eat their.  He showed Terry and me how to make it too. 
After finishing the apartment check we drove to Costco in Fukuoka.  It was not a good day to shop.  The schools were out for Golden Week and it was a very, very busy place to be.  We picked up Oatmeal, corn chips, cheese and rolls that are truly like the ones in California.

May 4, Saturday – We taught Eikaiwa and worked on checking the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and filled the tires on our car up.  Do you know how hard it is to do these things with limited language/reading skills?  We ask Elder Trane and Elder Arai to help us.  Elder Arai is from the Tokyo area of Japan.  He also lived 5 years in the Utah before his mission so had the skills to read the manual and speaks English.  We ended up taking the Elders to a service station and having them check for us.  Terry and I did manage to wash the car all by ourselves.

May 5, Sunday – We were invited to the Suzuki family from the Kumamoto Ward for dinner along with Elder Morris and Rowell and Sister Suzuki (no relation) and Kurhayashi.  It was wonderful food and good company.  We enjoyed visiting.  The Suzuki’s have two cute children.

May 6, Monday - We enjoyed talking to our family on Skype this morning while we did the laundry and some cleaning that needed to be done.  We had lunch and then biked to the castle.  Today is the last day of Golden Week here so there were many activities at the castle.  On the way we searched again for the wonderful little Kebab place by the covered mall that some Elders took us to after our district meeting.  We have looked before but could not find it.  Terry asked the Elders and today we found it but it was closed.  Unfortunately many businesses are closed on Monday in Japan.   
We enjoyed watching them give boat rides in the mote around the castle but decided it best not to take a ride  ourselves.  We heard drums and biked to them.  They had some fantastic drummers. 
 They also had some groups singing.  The music really filled the castle.  They must have known were to sing.  We enjoyed the activities and then biked home, a great p-day.    

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