Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 12 - April 23-29, 2013

Tuesday, 4-23-13  was a zone meeting/activity at Kumamoto Castle.  We enjoy a bike ride to the castle with Sister Suzuki and Kurbayashi and games and picnic lunch along with transfer calls.  We also went as a zone to Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art.  The Elders enjoyed feeding bread to the Pigeons at lunch time.  Notice the castle across the field we had the activity on.  I did not realize the size of this beautiful park.
Wednesday, 4-24-13  Terry went to the committee board drawing at the city hall with Elder Wood and Tanaka.  I went to the International Center, which is next door, for our Japanese Class Lesson there.  Terry met me there after the drawing.  The two activities conflict since the time was changed from 8:30 to 9:30am.  We had three young women contact us from our advertisement to teach English lessons at the Inter National Center.  We start teaching them this coming week. 
Thursday, 4-24-13  was transfer day.  We started at 8:30am dropping off Elder Usui at the bus stop and did not finish until about  6:30pm when we dropped Elder Weber of at the train station to be with his incoming companion.  It was an amazing day.  This is a picture of the big bus station  when we were trying to decide what to do as one of the new green beans did not arrive as expected.  The green bean was from San Paulo Brazil area.  He had gotten off the bus one stop to soon.  After waiting a little while and having no one was there to pick him up he found a phone and called the mission office.  They told him to wait where he was and someone would come and pick him up.  In the mean time we had contacted our zone leader and he was in the process of organizing a bus stop search.  We were all very happy to receive the call from the mission office. 

Friday, 4-6-13 Friday was spent studying and then we went shopping for a study chair and futon for Elder Trane.  The missionary apartment here in Kumamoto went from a two Elder to a four Elder apartment, thus the shopping trip.  Terry and I hung up three more Eikaiwa posters on committee boards.  They were in parts of the city that we had not hung up posters in before and as a result not marked in our Garmin.

Saturday, 4-27-13  We started the day with a Skype language class from the MTC and then biked over to a softball game ward activity.  We had a good time visiting with an older lady that walked by the park.  She could not believe all the “gaijin”’s (foreigner’s).  She even had me stand up so she could see how tall I was.  We had a good time visiting with her.  
Sunday, 4-28-13  We enjoyed Stake Conference.  After Stake Conference we had the Elders and Sisters over for lunch between Stake Conference and Stake Leadership Meeting.  The Sisters and I went to visit a Sister in the Nagamine Ward.  In the evening Terry and I decided to go for a bike ride.  As we were coming home we ran into the Elders Morris and Rowel.  They asked us if we had any Eikaiwa fliers.  We gave them what we had and they started talking to a man on the bridge where we had stopped.  They have a teaching appointment.  

Monday, 4-29-13  We enjoyed a picnic and games with the Kumamoto Ward.  Terry and I biked to the picnic with Sister Suzuki and Kurbayashi.  Terry and then decided to bike down the river and see if we could find a beautiful place we had seen while putting up Eikaiwa Posters in Committee Boards.  

As we biked along the river disappeared and in front of us was a Baskens Robins.  We had to try it in Japan.  It was great but seemed a little on the expensive side.  It was very busy.  We had a fun bike ride ending up with Elder Tran and his new companion coming over to e-mail home and we made a quick trip to the best grocery store we have found.

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I think Baskin Robbins is expensive in the US! :)

The poor greenie elder! He was probably stressed sitting by himself waiting!