Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 9 - April 2-7, 2013

Wednesday - we went to the Kumamoto International Center for our Japanese language class, as we were leaving the center we passed some street vendors.  One was making Takoyaki.  I enjoyed the Takoyaki made by the Young Men and Young Women for a church activity so bought some for my lunch.  The Takoyaki has octopus meat inside each ball and things put on top to make it look very appetizing and add flavor.
Thursday - we took the “Queen Arrow” ferry from Kumamoto Port to Shimabara Port on our way to Nagasaki to check two apartments there.  It was a fun ride.  We checked two apartments in Nagasaki.  We had a little extra time in the evening so we went to the "Peace Park".  What a fitting remembrance of the tragedy of war.  The park is a beautiful place.

Friday - We check one apartment in Isahaya.  After we finished we drove to Shimabara.  We had a little time to spare before boarding the ferry.  We decided to visit the Shimabara Castle.  We walk through it's 5 levels of museums and around the castle grounds.  It is a beautiful historic museum today for the Azuchi-Momoyama period of history in Japan. 

The castle has a moat around it.  The stone work used to construct the walls of the moat is amazing.  The buildings on top of the walls are made of wood.  

I took this is a picture while we were driving our car on to the ferry.  We were the last car to board this ferry.

We enjoyed going on the top deck of the ferry and watching others feed the sea gull.  When the ferry started for the Kumamoto Port the birds flew about as fast as the boat went and feeding continued.  These birds must get lots of exercise every day for their free meals.

Sunday -  was General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It started at 1 a.m. in Japan.  We are going to watch it in English on the internet this week at and in Japanese next weekend with church members here.

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Danielle said...

Wow... I love the beautiful castles you visit!

We enjoyed being at your house for conference weekend, just like old times, but much quieter!