Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 11 - April 15-22, 2013

Tuesday, April 16 Terry and I had the opportunity to drive Elders Fukino and Elder Mabiuchi to a doctor appointment.  Elder Fukino had a doctor appointment with one of the doctors in the Kumamoto ward.  He works in a little country hospital.  It was a beautiful drive.  We then took the Elders out for lunch at a Ramym shop.  Doctors offices are in the hospital.  This is a picture of the doctors office and hospital we visited.

As you probably already know we bought bicycles April 15, Monday.  It has been a fun challenge to learn to ride mine in a dress.  It is done all the time in Japan but I lacked experience and the proper clothing, maybe.  I have bought a pair of black exercise shorts to put under my dress.  Talking to Gwen today, she said to try a pin in my skirt between my legs.  Remove the pin when you are not biking.  I am going to have to try a safety pin.  This is a picture of Terry riding his new bike in front of our apartment.  
On bikes we are able to go place we would have had to walk to before.  
 Look how you ride through the gate.  I have not been brave enough to try it in a dress but Terry enjoyed attempting to go through with some success at a slow roll. 
We saw a gray heron fishing in the river and a crow feeding there as well.
This is a trail along the river.  The rivers here are all cemented in.
The Azaleas are grown everywhere and make beautiful trimmed hedges that right now are filled with blossoms.   Soil must be slightly acidic for them to grow so well.  I have a hard time keeping mine alive at home.  We have to make to soil acidic for them to thrive.
My garden is expanding, I added a water melon plant this week.  My tomatoes are really growing.  I have them in four small pots. 

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Danielle said...

great looking plants, mom! We're getting our garden ready for spring here!

Good luck riding in a skirt! It sounds difficult, but I have seen it done... in a movie... keep us informed on your progress!