Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 32 & 33 September 10-23, 2013

We had a fun day at the International Center.  Our teacher introduced us to some important kanji.  The  kanji on the sign says emergency exit "hijouguchi".  This is not like and emergency exit in the United States.  It is an exit that we can use to go to the bicycle parking lot
when it is not an emergency.
Monday, September 16, Kumamoto celebrates Fujisaki Hachimangu Shrine Festival.  It is also known as the Drunken Horse Festival because horses are given alcohol, colorfully decorated and then paraded around the city.  They leave from this shrine early in the morning and then return in the early evening hours.  We bikes to this area to check out a problem in one of the apartments.  As we headed home we passed the activities on the street to the shrine.  Mid day was set up with many activities for children.
As we drove to Omuta on Thursday, September 19, I took this picture of the exit kanji.  It is nice that there is English below the kanji for those on use who do not read the kanji.
After our apartment check in Omuta we drove to Fukuoka and when shopping at Costco.  Terry is pictured waiting for our two whole pizza we ordered.  We always enjoy a Costco hot dog with sour kraut on it.
We ended the day with the seven o'clock session at the Fukuoka temple.  We arrived at the temple about an hour early so took some pictures outside while waiting.
Today for preparation day we went for a bike ride.  We passed this field of sun flowers.  They are miniatures compared to the giant ones in the United States but probably a different variety.
This is a stop sign in Japan.  It is not very important in that it is only used on very small narrow streets where you have no choice but to stop and look to see if it is clear to drive one.

Scripture of the week:
 D&C 11:20
Behold, this is your work,
 to keep my commandments,
 yea, with all your might,
 mind and strength. 


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