Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 31 September 3-9, 2013

Terry and I have three Skype classes from the MTC every week.  This is a picture of Terry set up and ready for our class.  We have been working on interviewing ward members and making phone calls.  After our class I called a nonmember friend and thanked her for the Asian pears (Nashi) and a not in English she sent to us by way of the Elders in the Nagamine Ward.  I also asked her if we could come and visit her.
Thursday was our zone meeting.  Terry and I had arranged for Nitori (a local furniture store) to deliver four desk chairs and the appliance stand not realizing it would be conflicting with zone meeting.  The zone meeting was held at the Shimizu/Tusboi chapel and that is close to the new apartment.  We were able to go to the apartment and accepted the delivery and still come back to most of the conference.
Now the sisters can arrange the kitchen and maybe put the table in the kitchen not the living room area of the home.  It will be interesting .
Thursday we took a bike ride and on the way we came across this bamboo grove.  Terry had wanted to see one up close so we came home a different route and looked at the bamboo.  It was a beautiful bike ride!
My balcony garden is growing another watermelon.  I have been a successful bee.
Sunday we drove to Yatsushiro Branch for Missionary Coordination Meeting and then Sunday meetings.  We were given the opportunity to bear our testimonies and introduce ourselves. We visited three English speaking members with the Elders.  It was a very enjoyable day.  We look forward to future visits.  This utility manhole cover was in one of the subdivisions.  It was not painted but the medal work is beautiful.  I wonder if each city in Japan has a particular type of utility manhole cover.
Today was preparation day.  We were able to Skype with some of our family.  We helped a sister missionary get to a bike store so that she could buy herself a bicycle. While at the store we found some mirrors that go on the end of our handle bars.  Terry put mine on before we went for a bike ride.  It was wonderful to be able to see what was coming behind you.  We will enjoy the mirrors.
Wednesday (our International Center Language day) it was raining very hard in the morning.  We knew we had to leave earlier to get there in time to teach our English classes.  Traffic was so bad that Terry dropped me off and I combined the two classes while he parked the car.  I was about ten minutes late.  It was so sad to see the bikers pass us by as we sat on the parking lot road.  I think everyone had decided to drive.  We decided to buy rain gear so we could bike and stay dry in the future.  Here is my rain gear.  It seems a little hot but hope it will not be to hot when it is raining.

Scripture of the week:  
2 Nephi 9:20
O how great the holiness of our God! 
 For he knoweth all things,
 and there is not anything
 save he knows it.


Delirious said...

What a wonderful opportunity to be able to continue to have language classes each week! I bet you are progressing quickly.

Have you harvested a watermelon already? My cleaning lady planted a cherry tomato plant for me, but it was a little late in the season. It's getting taller, but I don't know if I will get any fruit before cold weather sets in.
I like your rain gear! Once the weather cools down you will love it!

Katie said...

We have had one watermelon. It was a small one. Less than six inches in diameter.