Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 44 - December 1-7, 2013

The weekend of December 1 we spent in Kumamoto.  It was fun to see our friends there again.  As you can see houses are being build on our taxi cab parking lot.  One is almost finished on the outside.  It is the only house in the area with a red tile roof.  The house next to it is also started.
 We enjoyed the sunset from our Kumamoto apartment balcony one more time.
I decorated the very small Christmas tree that was in the apartment.  There was only a very regular size star to put on the top.
Terry and I enjoyed being out of the office and seeing the beautiful fall colors that are still visible on Kyushu.
These beautiful colored leaves are on the hill behind of Honbu (mission offices) and in front the temple.  On Thursday I took this picture on the walk to the Fukuoka Botanical Gardens which is up the hill from Honbu.  The Fukuoka Children's Zoo is on the other side of the office.  Everyone in Fukuoka knows were the zoo and botanical gardens are and weekends find this a very busy place.  The zoo, garden and temple all draw crowds of people.  Many drive cars and find parking hard to find.
Terry and I had heard a lot about the wonderful shopping at Tenjin  Core which is the main part of the downtown Fukuoka.  We decided to go see it Friday evening.
There were beautiful decorations everywhere.
This is the building that has Rainbow Plaza on the eight floor.  There are lots of small stores and beautiful decorations everywhere.
We rode the escalator up to the eighth floor enjoying the sights.  When we decided to take the elevator back down but it was shut down for the night at eight p.m.  The escalators were only running down, thank goodness.  We were being told that it was closing time, I think, but did not understand the Japanese message.
This is a big bus station in the Tenjin area that we passed as we were going home.  It was a fun adventure.
Saturday we biked to a 10 am. Japanese class.  This is picture I took from one of the bridges we rode across on the way.
We also attended a 7 pm Japanese class but drove to this evening one.  It was the Christmas BINGO party night.  We expected to play BINGO and learn to listen to the numbers said in Japanese. but it was a nice meal followed by one game of bingo which everybody won.  It was a fun evening!
This week I decorated the small Christmas tree found in our apartment with decorations from years past.  It fits on the coffee table which is perfect.  We are now decorated for Christmas.

Thought of the week:
"Goals reflect the desires of our hearts and our vision of what we can accomplish."  
Preach My Gospel pg. 146


Delirious said...

Nice nativity. I wish I could buy one here. I did bring a small one back from the States though.

Katie said...

Being able to buy a nativity was something I took for granted. Being in Japan has made me appreciate the availability in the United States.