Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 45 - December 8-14, 2013

 This week we experience our first beautiful sunset in Fukuoka.  The picture is taken from our balcony.
This week honbu was very busy getting everything ready for Christmas.  On Tuesday Sister G. ask me to help tie ribbons for the presents from the mission president and his wife.  I spent the afternoon on Tuesday tying ribbons and visiting.  It was a fun change from secretary activities.  While we were there Sister G. said she hope that they would finish cleaning the temple before Christmas.  When we biked into to the office of Friday we saw a truck blocking our entrance to the office as they were taking down the scaffolding on the temple.
It will be beautiful again for Christmas this year.
We rode our bikes around to the back entrance to the temple and front of honbu.  I took this picture of the entrance to the zoo that shares the same little circle drive with the temple on the way
 This is the road we bike on to go to the back side of the temple and honbu offices. The temple entrance is on the right hand side of the road.
We got a package from home this week.  It had just the right size Christmas tree and decorations for it.
The package was complete with a nativity.  We are enjoying it on our table.
Saturday we attended two Japanese classes.  I took this picture when we biked to the morning class.
It was at the fire station education center.  We learned about all kinds of emergencies and what they felt like as well as what we should do. It was a wonderful training to be part of.
 One part of the building had a display of firefighters uniforms from around the world.
One of the displays was from Oakland, California.  It made me wonder if Oakland is a sister city to Fukuoka.
Terry liked this early fire engine on display.
I enjoyed the activity of putting out a fire but the picture does not show the fire we were trying to put out.  We learned that there is only a limited amount of water and that you target the base of the fire, not the flames.  We also experienced a magnitude seven earthquake and typhoon winds up to 30.  We had to escape a smoke filled building.  It was a fun educational class in Japanese.
We passed this art display of two crabs on the way home.  It is fun to bike and be able to see things up close.
Terry and I had to take a picture of this sign on the sidewalk before a blind road entrance.  We wonder if there had been accidents at this site.  Japan has lots of blind road entrances which challenge driver, bikes and pedestrians to use safety.

Scripture of the week:
"Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel."

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Delirious said...

The tree that we found in this apartment is actually quite tall. I bought a few ornaments to put on it because the ones they had were kind of yucky. How nice of your family to send you a tree and nativity!