Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 56 February 25 - March 3, 2014

We enjoyed our stay at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel. Pictured is our last breakfast.  Elder Koberstein enjoyed the more traditional American breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and french fries.
My breakfast was more traditional Japanese.  I really enjoy the salads and fruits they serve at least in hotels for breakfast.
After a nice lunch with the mission president and his wife and the new office couple and a full day training at honbu, we headed back to Kumamoto.
To my delight and surprise my two flowers have survived the four months of neglect.  The larger plant actually has blossoms on it.  Both were very dry but alive.
The taxi parking lot we view from our balcony has three beautiful family homes that are or soon will be occupied.  The little shed like building looks like it is being worked on too.  You can see the net it is wrapped in.  I wonder if it to will become a small  single family home too.
This picture is from ground level look at our apartment building and our new neighbors homes.  We live on the eight floor of the apartment building.  I am glad these homes will not take away our beautiful view.
We took a short bike ride along the creek/drainage area on Saturday.  The narcissus like flowers that grow along the edge of the creek/drainage area are beautiful this time of year.
I harvested the peanuts I planted a year ago.  The pot was not ideal for peanut growth but now I have seen the peanut plant and successfully harvested some.  It was a fun learning experiment and now I can taste raw peanuts.  I think I will prefer them roasted like we buy in the store.
I enjoyed the beautiful pansies that grew in the balcony garden at the Fukuoka office couples apartment.  I decided I wanted to try and grow some pansies in Kumamoto.  I hope they do as well.
We had a granddaughter who danced in the Gilbert Arizona Temple Cultural Celebration before the dedications of the Gilbert Arizona Temple.  Sunday morning in Japan we were able to get this event on the Internet.  It was wonderful to be part of this very special event with our granddaughter.
This is the title of liberty flag that our granddaughter made for this special event.
The area where the performance took place is a bowl that collects water when it rains.  This picture was taken after the performance was over.  The temple is visible in the background.  Prayers were answered, the show was able to go on even though it rained.  Check out this link for more information.
Monday we stopped by to see a friend who lives in the Nagamine Ward.  She gave us a cup of corn soup and chirashi sushi.  She said this is Japanese sushi in English.  It was delicious.  I like sushi that is cooked.

Scripture of the Week
D&C 31:9
Be patient in afflictions,
 revile not against those that revile. 
 Govern your house in meekness,
 and be steadfast.

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