Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 91 - October 27 - November 2, 2014

One of the bridges we bike across on the way to our YMCA class is being reconstructed.  It has been fun to watch the process.  They built a temporary bridge before starting on the new one.  This picture was taken from the bridge a few streets down the river.
This is another beautifully decorated bus in down town Kumamoto that I saw as we were biking to the International Center.  It has a picture of Kumamoto Jo and Kinpo on the side.  I wonder if it stops at these sites in Kumamoto.
After our Japanese and Eikaiwa class at the International Center as we were biking home we came upon these bushes all cover with Christmas lights.  It makes me wonder if they were ready for Christmas or if it was finally dark early enough for us to see it.
This weekend was Kumamota Stake Conference.  We had the opportunity to give President and Sister Gustafson rides from the Eki (train station) to the chapel and back to the hotel.  It is always fun to have a few minutes to visit with them.  The hotel, Monohana, was right on Kamiesu Ko and all Japanese including futons.  The usual place they stayed at was booked up so they had a real treat. 
Kamiesu Ko (looking across the street from Monohana) had lots of ducks and other birds on it.  They were fun to watch while we waited for President and Sister Gustafson in the morning..  It would be a beautiful place for a morning/evening jog, walk or bike ride.  Elder Koberstein and I would like to run it sometime.
We had a pancake breakfast Sunday morning for all 18 Elders in the Kumamoto Elders apartment.  This is what our genkan (entrance way) looks like with all those shoes.  It was a fun breakfast.
Parking is hard to find in Japan.  This is the parking lot at Stake Conference today.  We parked at our apartment building next door.  It made it possible to come and go when we wanted to. 
The missionaries in the Kumamoto and Kumamoto 2 Zone sang "We Are All Enlisted" at Stake Conference.  There are 38 missionaries in the two zones and one couple which is us.  
The Kumamoto Ward Relief Society also sang "Baptism".  It is a beautiful song that Sister Campbell had brought the music to and sang in the Kumamoto Ward when she was serving here.  Here is a link to hear the Kumamoto Ward Relief Society sing "Baptism" at a Relief Society Stake activity on September 23 .  I am not singing in it because we had a Zone Training that day with President Gustafson.  I was glad to be able to sing at Stake Conference with the ward.
I enjoyed Sister Gustafson's talk.  She told a story from Harriet R. Uchtdorf's book The Light We Share. The gospel brought Sister Uchtdorf's family light after World War II.  Her mother was a widow with small children.  After her husband died she was very discouraged.  American missionaries knocked on her door.  Her mother could see light in their faces.  She says baptism was a gate from the darkness to light for them.  The family realized they would see their father again.  Her mother was happy again.    
Once when President and Sister Uchtdorf  where touring Europe with President and Sister Hinkley Sister Uchtdorf ask Sister Hinkley how she handled her busy life.  Sister Hinkley said "I put on my shoes and go."   We all can put on our shoes and go.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and brings lasting happiness into our lives as we live it and serve.
Scripture of the Week
Matthew 18:20
For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

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