Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 92 - November 3-9, 2014

Monday was the 29th Cosmos Marathon 5K race we had prepared to run.  Pictured are Elder Koberstein, Akemi and myself standing by a Samurai Warrior, with our race numbers on before the race began.  To my surprise, I did not come in last in the 40+ women's age group.  I finished 23 out of 27 racers.  My time was a personal best.  There were 4 men over 80 years old participating in the races.  They were recognized before the races began.
We each received an included bento lunch after the race to enjoy eating before the prize drawing. 
We also received a pink athletic sweat towel.  The Japanese often hang it around their necks while exercising and use it to wipe the sweat off.  Elder Koberstein was disappointed they were all pink, so now I have two.  We will buy him a Roasso (Kumamoto soccer team) towel.
29th Cosmos Marathon race was a fun preparation day activity.  Thank you Akemi for making it possible and so enjoyable. 
Thursday was Zone Conference for the Kumamoto 1 and 2 Zones.  Sister Gustafson spoke on the  fourth principle of the Mission Mott "Love is the motive".
Mission Motto
Obedience is the price
Faith is the power
The Spirit is the key
Love is the motive
Christ is the reason.
She told us that the memories of her father that had lasted over the years are the good memories and teachings he gave his family.  She said "everything our father loved is eternal." That made me feel good because in life everyone makes mistakes but there is hope that the legacy we leave our family will be the good things, times and teachings.  She quoted Elder Jeffrey R. Holland "I love you...I love seeing you" to the missionaries in our zones.  It is very special when we can get together and are taught by President and Sister Gustafson.
The Kumamoto Stake Relief Societies cooked a wonderful luncheon for all the missionaries at Zone Conference.  The served curry and/or pizza as well as a table full of deserts.  It was wonderful!  I enjoyed the scrimp salad, pizza and dessert table.
Friday found Elder Koberstein and I doubling up on apartment inspection in Omuta.  We inspected the Omuta Sisters apartment as scheduled and followed with the Omuta Elders apartment that had been scheduled for Thursday.  We enjoyed a Stamina yakuniku lunch with the Sisters.  The Elders were happy with a Costco run for things from America:  chocolate Costco muffins, corn chips and picante sauce, sharp cheddar cheese,  and microwave popcorn.  It was fun to shop for them and then drop the items off at their apartment as we returned from working in the Fukuoka Temple on Saturday. 

Scripture of the Week
1 Peter 4:6
For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.

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Danielle Koberstein said...

Awesome race! That bento box looks super fancy for post-race food... all we usually get is orange slices and muffins!

I love the mission motto. particularly "Obedience is the price." made me think how little that price is compared to all the blessings we reap from it...a wise investment is you think about it...

Anyway, it was great to finally get to skype with you tonight... it's been a while since we've been able to get in touch with you! Have a great week!