Monday, August 19, 2013

Wee 28 - August 13-19, 2013

On Thursday evening Terry and I decided to get out and have a bike ride.  We chose to ride around Lake Kamizu.  We got to the lake just as the birds were finding a place for the night.  If you look close you will see a white duck on the island in the lake in this picture.  We decided to try and walk around the lake as we had watched joggers pass us on the bike path twice as if they had circled the lake.
We walk across a bridge in the middle of the lake.  It brought us to a little store/restaurant and some boats.  We started to walk around the building and started to hear and see lighting and thunder in the distance.  We decided it might rain so turned around and headed for our bikes.
Because of how wet we got biking earlier in the week, we put plastic bags to keep our valuables dry in my backpack.  I put my things in the plastic bag before starting the ride home.  It started to rain after we had biked a little of the way.  As we neared our apartment it poured.  
The last mile or so we rode by our little stream.  I was amazed at the roaring river it had became as the water draining from the streets flooded into it.  I wanted to take a picture but my camera likes it dry.  This one will have to do.  Just image it full of water at night.  I now know why the banks are so high and wide.  It was amazing to see.
Friday we found ourselves in Yatsushiro doing an apartment checks.  The Elders had a nice clean apartment so we all went out to lunch.  Surprises never stop.  Terry's order was boiling with a small fire underneath it when it was served to him.  He said it tasted great after he was guided how to eat it without getting burned.  Notice the little dish on the side.  It came with a strainer spoon to help remove the noodles.
  Saturday was a baptism in the Kumamoto Ward.  The person who was baptized loves to draw/paint.  This new member bought some of art work over before the baptism.  I enjoyed looking at them.  My favorites were the  sea turtles 
and orca whales.  
Today I was able to attend the Nagamine and Kumamoto Wards Relief Society Homemaking activity.  We learned about recycling in Japan/Kumamoto and then made a inside compost for things you can compost.  It was a fun activity and it will be fun to see what happens with my compost box.  I think I will put it in our spare room and not my kitchen (as we were instructed) to try it out.  Hope to get some good soil for my garden.


Delirious said...

I am wondering if the compost box will smell bad. I think I would put it on the patio. lol

Katie said...

Time will tell the story. We were told if we take care of it there will be no odor.