Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 26 July 30-August 5

Across the taxi cab parking lot looking from our balcony we had this view of a home being worked on.  Here in Japan when they work/construct they put up a nice shield to protect the public.  It also serves as scaffolding for workers to access the job i.e. painting, window cleaning, etc.  
This is a multiple story building that is being built near our apartment. 
Wednesday when we walked in front of the castle the lights were set up for the ceremony of the lights of Friday night.  It looked like it would be beautiful.  We were not able to see it lite.
This week we did apartment checks in Nagasaki and Isahaya.  The Elders and Sisters in Nagasaki had wonderful clean apartments so we took them out to eat.  We went to a sushi bar.  It had the conveyor belt.  You choose your lunch from displayed on trays or order what you wanted from an electronic menu.  This was a new experience for me.  
I picked the cooked variety of meat for my lunch.
In Nagasaki we stayed at the Inasayma Kanko Hotel.  It was up on the hills of Nagasaki instead of the usual place down on the bay.  This is a picture of the city from the top of the hotel. 
 The Elders at Isahaya made our job easy.  They too had a wonderful clean apartment so we took them out for lunch.  They chose an okonomiyaki restaurant.  I had a seafood okonomiyaki and Terry enjoy Hiroshima seafood okonomiyaki with the Elders.  It was good food and great company again.  The wonderful young people we work with make our job fun.  
Saturday evening we biked down to the Hi-no-kuni-matsuri celebration by the castle in Kumamoto.  Hi-no-kuni means country of fire. It was fun to see so many beautiful women in kimonos dancing together.  It was interesting that just before the parade began they dumped buckets of water on the street.  We think it might have been to make it cooler for those in the parade.  The different groups in the parade danced to the folk song "Otemoyan (did you get married?)"  We watched the first hour or so of the parade before deciding to start home as it was starting to sprinkling a little.  We lucky this time and did not really get wet before we arrive home.
 Today there was a break in the weather.  Terry and I decided to bike around Lake Ezu.  Terry is the white dot on the path ahead of me.
 There was not a lot of people there.  We saw a few bikers, fisherman, people walking dogs and children. 
It was a beautiful wet ride around the lake by the time we got home.
Terry waiting in a dry spot of me. 

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