Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 29 August 20-26, 2013

This week found Terry and I doing apartment checks in Sasabo and Saga.  We always try and do something fun so one again visited the park in Sasabo.  This time we arrived to late for the boat tour around the many islands.   We were disappointed but maybe next time.  Terry is standing by an interesting boat at the park.
I find this christian church very interesting.  It is on one of the main streets in Sasabo.  I wonder if many people use the front door.  Look at all those steps to it.  It may have more steps than the 99 steps to our apartment on the 8th floor.
Sunday we got up early and drove to Nobeoka for church.  The Elders had changed apartments a few weeks ago.  This is their new apartment. We were happy that the branch members helped them find a better locations.  The Zone Leaders did a junki with the Elders in Nobeoka over the weekend.  We had a fun visit with the members in the branch.  When meetings were over we headed back to Kumamoto with the Zone Leaders.
On the return trip we stopped at Gorogataki Falls.  This falls was very muddy as it had been and was raining. This river runs into a lava tube and is called a volcanic wonder.  The lava tube emptied leaving a large canyon with a 50m high straight drop for the water.  It was beautiful but very muddy as is seen in the picture. 
Our next stop was the Tsujunkyo bridge.  These two wonders are very close together and can be hiked around in about an hour.  By the time we got to the bridge is was raining pretty heavy so we did not get out of the car.  The bridge was constructed by a local official Yasunosuke Futa, in Yata in 1854, in order to supply water to the Shiraito Plateau where people suffered from water shortage.  Water flows across the top of the bridge to rice fields on the other side.  When water is not need for the rice fields the water is returned to the river by shooting out both sides of the center of the bridge.  You can see this happen today if you go at the right time.  There are pictures available on the Internet of the bridge releasing water back into the river.
This week we have been working on buy everything needed for a new sisters apartment/home.  Trying to arrange delivers before transfer time has been challenging.  This apartment is actually a house in a housing community.  We are excited about the location.  We are sad that it will not be all ready when the sister arrive as we could not get somethings delivered soon enough.  The hope is we will have the things that are necessary for them.
The Elder who helped clean the apartment on Monday left this cute little penguin on the toilet sink.
The bathroom has beautiful blue tile work on the floor.
We were able to buy yellow curtains that fit the fourteen sets of windows in the apartment for a reasonable price at  the Furniture Outlet store.  We had a learning experience with the curtains.  In Japan curtains come in a package with two panels.  The outside of the package tells what size they are but it is only for one half the pair of curtains.  We ended up purchasing twice the number of curtains we needed.  Furniture Outlet was very nice about returning the curtains we did need.  

Scripture for this week:
"For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracles among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith."  Ether 12:12

When I have the faith and do my part I see miracles.  My Heavenly Father, like my earthly father, loves me and wants to give me all the best gifts, but I must do my part and then the miracles come.  I love my Heavenly Father and am so glad to have been given the opportunity to serve him.


Delirious said...

That church looks like Cinderella's castle! I love to see your pictures. My world looks so much different from yours! :)

Katie said...

Thank you. There are many beautiful amazing place to see in this wonderful world Heavenly Father created for us.